Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A real domain name for Blogger

Blogger is a great platform to begin to engage in the world of blog. The big advantage is that it is free, as Google constantly adds new features and it integrates well with Google applications to which it belongs ( Google+ for example). Many opportunities are available very powerful, graphical models are provided by default or on different websites, read about Three sites to find free templates for Blogger . In short it is not bad at all, it is even more than enough to get a site quickly, but there's something that does not suit me personally, this is the URL that will be when your blog is online. It will be kind of making still mess especially if you want to be taken seriously by prospects or customers.

There is a solution to address this problem, buy a domain name and point it to the Blogger blog .
This manipulation is done directly in the management interface of Blogger , the tabSettings and then click Edit .
You must click on Custom Domain to associate your registered domain name to your blog. Advanced options allow to associate Blogger existing domain name that you own, detailed explanations are provided by clicking on Switch to advanced settingsand then click Setup instructions . In our case it is easy because it goes directly topurchase a domain name from Google.

Enter the desired domain name and click on Check Availability . If the domain name is free, you can proceed to purchase at a Google partner, the annual fee is $ 10 or 12 euros at today's prices. Extensions . com , . net , . org , . info and . biz are proposed.
The old URL will be redirected to form your new domain name.
This is not the ruin, it allows better visibility without dropping Blogger for a much more expensive and complex hosting, database, CMS (WordPress, Joomla ...) to learn ...
The implementation of a domain name in Blogger takes less than 15 minutes